In Which I Fall Into Bad Company

I was checking my website statistics this morning, and on the page that lists links from which people reached my website, I found that no fewer than three people came from this site:

Beats me, but if you’re on that site for a good reason (or, as seems more likely, for a bad reason) and have some time to kill (I don’t mean that literally, folks) while you’re waiting to call your lawyer, you might be interested in reading this post on Richard III and bail I did a while back.

Incidentally, when growing up, I was always told that if I committed a crime, I should cross a state line so I would end up in federal prison instead of state prison. I have no idea why the people in my really quite law-abiding family felt impelled to give that advice, but it’s stuck with me.

9 thoughts on “In Which I Fall Into Bad Company”

  1. To think you are providing an educational experience to those less fortunate.

    Families tend to instill their warnings and advice with respect to legalities. Mine did.

  2. Hi Susan, just wanted to say that you have a beautiful blog. Previously i had only made it to your general website, but now that i've seen you blog, it will definately be added to my FAVS =)

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, all! Sounds like the folks were right about federal prison. Gabriele without the C and Bella, welcome!

  4. Nan Hawthorne, Shield-wall Books

    So you don't have any idea how people managed to find your site through this one? Or am I being dense?


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