5 thoughts on “Hugh’s Catalog Card”

  1. LOL, funny. Your spelling is more correct than mine – the site is actually called ‘catalog card generator’ but I felt weird typing it without the ‘ue’ on the blog!

  2. Nan Hawthorne

    I am afraid someone is going to have to explain this to me.. I know what a catalog card is.. but what does the handwriting say on it?


  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Hugh’s notes to himself are “Shag Eleanor” (that randy boy); “Annoy irritating Frenchwoman”; and “Talk to Ned re: land needs!!!”

  4. I’ve just done a card on Hugh too lol! Will put it on blog soon – there will soon be a ‘nest’ of Hugh cards at this rate – he must be popular! I love that ‘shag Eleanor’ bit…hmmmm, can just imagine him thinking that! 🙂

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