Hugh and Bess Now Available!

I’m working on another post, but I did want to stop by and mention not at all subtly that Hugh and Bess is now showing up as “In Stock” on Amazon. It also seems to be on the shelves in some Barnes and Noble stores, though I haven’t had the chance to stop by my local one yet to check. No doubt I might find myself stopping in there today and accidentally wandering by the H’s–just to check on Georgette Heyer’s books, of course.

My box of author’s copies came in while I was out of town, and the new edition is lovely! Incidentally, it has some scenes, including the ending scene, that weren’t present in the original self-published version. Hugh, the hero, is one of my favorite characters, so I hope you’ll read his story!

8 thoughts on “Hugh and Bess Now Available!”

  1. That must be so exciting Susan. And you had to go and say that there was a different ending than in the original – now I may have to go buy the new one! (you did that on purpose, didn't you?)

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, Daphne! Yup, I did! (I should point out, though, that the book ends in the same manner, but with a scene added.)

  3. I really enjoyed reading the original edition–I like Hugh a lot. Loved your notes at the end, but noticed it doesn't have a further reading page. Does the new edition have one?

  4. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, Justine and Joan! Joan, there's no further reading section, although I do mention Ian Mortimer's The Perfect King in the new edition. My website does have some relevant books–but anyone wanting to know specifically about Hugh and his wife is going to have to do some digging, because they're mentioned only in passing here and there.

  5. In many ways it's nice when there's only a little bit of information about a historical person–notable enough for a couple of footnotes, but not so big as to put a clamp on the imagination.

  6. Amy @ Passages to the Past

    I'm reading it right now Susan and so far it's awesome! I REALLY like the cover too.

    It must be so exciting to see your "baby" sitting out there, looking all pretty!

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