Historical Tweets, Medieval- and Tudor-Style

As some of you might know, there’s a website called Historical Tweets. Here are a few of my own contributions to this worthy endeavor. Have you got some? (Messages have to be 140 characters or less.)

Edward II:
Found someone to fill the void in my heart. Hugh’s OK with the rowing too. Wonder if anyone would fuss if I gave him some land in Wales.

Going to France to spend some time with the family and make a few business contacts. Sweet!

Edward IV:
Waiting for Hastings to show up with yet another widow wanting me to help her with her dower rights. Yawn. Will get rid of her quickly.

Richard III:
Those pesky bastards are out of the way, the northerners just can’t get enough of me, and Anne and the kid are fine. Yeah! I’m the man!

Henry Tudor:
Getting ready to go to England. Love Mum but wish she wouldn’t keep nagging me to bring lots of warm clothes and raingear. It’s August!

Thomas More:
Really getting fed up with the Richard III book; think I’ll start another project. Agent says there’s not that much interest in him anyway.

12 thoughts on “Historical Tweets, Medieval- and Tudor-Style”

  1. Aethelflaed: Mercia! Mercia! Mercia! That's all Ethelred ever talks about.

    Thomas à Becket: Not doing much, just saying mass, hanging out. Who's that at the door?

    John Lackland: Time to change laundries… they lost all my treasures in the The Wash!

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, Nan & Anerje. Nan, yours are great too! Loved the Becket one.

    STAG, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh Susan- I've got to visit this place- sounds lie a riot! Love your post (as usual:)

  4. Followed your link and couldn't stop laughing at Life's a 'Tweet in Teheran: "thx @gwBush those "how to steal and election" memos worked like a charm.

  5. And to show you what a nerd I am, I'm rotflmao at this one from Fermat: Found truly marvelous proof that xⁿ + yⁿ = zⁿ has no solutions for n>2, but 140 characters is to little to contain it.

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