Happy Thanksgiving!

Why no one in my family has ever suggested that we have Thanksgiving dinner at our house:

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. As one cat owner to another you've obviously learnt what we've all learnt. Nobody owns a cat, the cat owns you.

    Just hope you don't get what I do the feline equivalent of the dawn chorus when Miz Moggy wants her breakfast.

    By the way do your cats have some odd habits? Mine's taking a liking to coffee so I have to be careful where I put my coffe cup otherwise I shall be treated to a gymnastic display worth of an Olympic Gold!

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Belated thanks, all!

    Trish, Stripes (the rotund cat in the picture) carries around ballpoint pens like kittens and talks to them before she dumps them in the hall. Onslow (the other cat in the picture) likes shiny things and will dig through drawers looking for them.

  3. Our cat, Gin, is not allowed on the table, although lately I've noticed a rather lackadaisacal attitude on her part toward that particular rule, but the rest of the table decor looks very similar to mine!

    Gin's quirkiest trait is receiving a "bath" from my husband every morning. As soon as he turns off the shower, she wants to be petted with his wet hands. He even dribbles water from the faucet on her back. She loves it! She gets cranky when he is out of town because I don't do it right, I guess.

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