Happy Father’s Day!

First, be sure to vote for your favorite King Edward dad (Edward I, II, or III) in the new poll on the sidebar.

Second, by popular demand (well, at least by my daughter’s demand), I’m posting this Father’s Day poem I wrote in the 1960’s, complete with misspellings:

Let it be known,
Though out the land.
Bring the band,
Make all dads
feel grand!

Ting! Ling!
Ting! Ling!
Ting ling!
Make father fell like a king!

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Susan, what a lovely poem, misspellings and all.
    Good to hear too that Stateside you have the same home-made tokens of affection and appreciation for Dads as we do in Olde England.
    But this Father’s Day our daughter is emailing from San Francisco, our son is phoning from Italy and where is their Dad? In France at the Le Mans 24 hour race with his phone switched off.
    Fortunately I packed their cards in his bag (although they are no longer home-made ones) and I guess he’s having the best Father’s Day any guy could imagine!
    But it just shows what a global world we live in: although in days of yore I guess a Dad could have been at the Crusades or even on a sailing ship to America.
    Somehow I don’t imagine the son of Edward II sent him a card – although he certainly marked it!
    Lucy Ann White

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