Guest Historical Spam

Nan Hawthorne and Gabriele C. have unearthed some historical spam of their own, as they mentioned in the comments section of the previous post. It seemed a pity to bury these exciting new discoveries in the comments, so here they are. (Spam seems to have been around longer than hitherto realized.)

Richard the Lionhearted

Your Kind Assitance Is Sought

I am Mr. Sal A. Din. My emirs have collected an unprecedented amount of dinars for a good cause and I need someone to come and get it and take it back to a good, secure exchequer.

I will send you enough marks to cover your expenses if you can pick up the gold at Acre by summer of 1191.

Edward I

YOU ARE ALREADY APPROVED!!!!!! Need money for a war with, say, Scotland? London Jewry Lenders Association has the loan you need, any amount, guaranteed! Evcen if you have thrown us out of your country, just bring us back and we’ll write that check today!

Nan Hawthorne
Blue Lady Tavern

Germanicus must have missed an email.

Want to become Emperor? We have the Mutineering Legions TM Package: three on the Rhine and three on the Danube for you to take and kick uncle Tiberius off his ivory chair in the Palatine.

And the special offer only valid until June 14 AD: The German rebels are willing to make a treaty with you, becuase Arminius doesn’t like Tiberius, either. You can even get some Cheruscian cavalry.

Gabriele C.

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