Go West, Medieval Woman, Go West

On Friday at dawn, I’ll be heading out to San Diego for the Historical Novel Society conference this weekend. This is my first time in attendance, as various things prevented me from going to the last several conferences, so I’m really looking forward to it! Some of my favorite writers and/or bloggers will be there, so I will have to be an extrovert for the weekend and meet and mingle!

I’ll be a panelist on Whose Side Are You On? moderated by Elizabeth Keri Mahon. My co-panelists are C. W. Gortner, Anne Easter Smith, and Emma Campion, so I’m in good company! We’ll be discussing what inspired us to write about historical figures who have traditionally got bad press, such as Margaret of Anjou in my case.

In addition to the panel, I’m also participating in a group book-signing and taking to the runway at the historical costume pageant on Saturday night.

I’ve figured out how to tweet from my cell phone, so I’ll try to pass along Twitter updates as I attend the various presentations. I’ll be blogging about my weekend once I return, as I know others will too, so it will be interesting to compare experiences.

See you on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Go West, Medieval Woman, Go West”

  1. That sounds like a fabulous panel to attend!

    Have a fabulous time in San Diego! Wish I could be there.

  2. Jealous! I hope you have a great time and dazzle everyone with your wit, erudition and sheer Susanness!

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