Giveaway, New Website Design, and Kindling!

NOTE: I’ve rethought my giveaway. Now, the two winners (one outside of the United States) will have his or her choice of any of my published books!

I’m a tad busy at the moment, but I wanted to point you to my newly designed website, courtesy of Avalon Graphics! Stop by and admire the new look!

In honor of my pretty new website, I’m giving away two copies of any of my published novels–with each winner getting to choose the book he or she prefers! One copy will be reserved for a winner outside of the United States. Just leave a comment on the blog or on the corresponding Facebook page and you’ll be entered. The giveaway closes on September 17.

Finally, when Amazon brought out the wireless-only Kindle, I capitulated and bought one. I have to say I’m quite enjoying it. It’s perfect for reading independently published books that I otherwise might not take a chance on buying, and it’s also great for reading new books that I can’t quite talk myself into buying in hardback but don’t want to wait for the paperback or for a library copy. I’m currently reading Becoming Queen Victoria by Kate Williams on my Kindle. I’m also enjoying downloading some of the many older books that are free for Kindle users. (By the way, I’m hoping The Stolen Crown will soon be made available on Kindle; both The Traitor’s Wife and Hugh and Bess are available in Kindle versions.)

Without further ado, here are seven things I love about my new Kindle:

1. Great big type.
2. Holding a Kindle and a dog on one’s lap is easier than holding a book and a dog on one’s lap. I could even fit a cat up there too.
3. No matter how dopey the book I’m reading is, I somehow look more intelligent when I’m reading it on my Kindle.
4. I can walk past the Nook lady at Barnes and Noble and look smug.
5. For every book I buy on the Kindle, I am justified in buying another book to take up residence on my bookshelf.
6. Three words: New Kindle smell.
7. My daughter doesn’t have one.

30 thoughts on “Giveaway, New Website Design, and Kindling!”

  1. Website duly admired! It does look good. Kindle duly envied! (I think your last reason is by far the most compelling.)

  2. Just bought The Traitor's Wife for my Kindle, but I'd love a "real" copy, too. 😉 I love the new website and really would love to see The Stolen Crown on the Kindle as I will probably be reading Hugh and Bess when I'm finished with The Traitor's Wife.


  3. Your new website is lovely, and so packed with goodies. Congratulations! And congrats on the new Kindle as well. "New Kindle smell"–hee!

  4. Well, I would have a problem with kitty and the kindle though, as she likes to walk all over my books having a purr fest as opposed to quietly sitting in my lap 🙂

  5. Well I'd love to enter for a copy, but I already have it…

    And as to #7.. yet. She doesn't have one, yet! 😉 And I love #4!

  6. I would love to be entered for The Traitor's Wife. The new website looks great.


  7. Hey, Susan I'd love to be entered into the book drawing. I haven't been able to get a copy of the Traitors Wife yet, and I'd really love to read it. I hope the website goes well. I have visited it, and thought it looked really cool.

  8. Susan – congratulations on your new website's design, it is beautiful!! I love the bluish and brown colors, the art and the fonts used as well.

    I particularly like the fact that each book has its own page and a menu to select from an excerpt to a detailed list of each of its characters. It's fabulous!

    About a Kindle – not too crazy about having one. I like the feel of having a book on hand. But I'm glad it's working for you and many other readers =)


  9. Susan Higginbotham

    Adding comment that I accidentally deleted:

    Misha1989 has left a new comment on your post "Traitor's Wife Giveaway, New Website Design, and K…":

    I would love to to read this book. Its been on my wishlist for quite a while.
    I am an International fan


  10. Susan Higginbotham

    Adding another comment that I accidentally deleted:

    HODGEPODGESPV has left a new comment on your post "Traitor's Wife Giveaway, New Website Design, and K…":

    i once had a kindle…til dh took it over! do watch child, can be husband like…just warning. i finally had to get kindle on my mac…he knows better that to try and nab that!. as for the giveaway, don't add me…guess what my first kindle purchase was? too easy to guess? that cover of the grey castle and title was what made me stop to see what it was all about! and now i follow you like your puppies. o, btw, a lovely wingback chair left room for my rack of dogs (jrt types). doesn't work well with wheelchair…rats! what does it take to get stolen crown on? o, got an idea! look for it there and then hit on the request for kindle version thing! we should tell everyone to look and hit the button!

  11. It's very lovely, I like the flower things 🙂

    Aww a kindle, I would sure like an e-reader one day.

    And I am entering. I really wanna try Hugh and Bess.
    International reader
    blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

  12. Please enter me too for the book drawing!
    I am so divided on which book I want to read …

    givingreadingachance AT

  13. Love the website. I love that your big on the fact, rather than fiction of it all. It's nice to see an author determined to point out the facts rather than entertain us with fiction all the time! I love reading wills on your blog! I'd like a kindle, although nothing beats holding the actual book!

  14. I like the new website design – it is crisp and clean – easy to read. I'd love to be entered into the giveaway – thanks for the chance! And I'm very jeaslou of your new Kindle!

    geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

  15. Michelle @ The True Book Addict

    Gorgeous new design! Blue is my favorite color! Thanks for the giveaway. =O)


  16. The website is great, Susan; there is a hint of mediaeval romance about the new header. Surprised that you went for the colours of murrey and blue though – but they are nice! 🙂

  17. Your website looks lovely…
    I would love to win The Traitor's Wife.
    I also hope to have a kindle one day. Is hell freezing over any time soon? "Cause that's about when I'll get one. heh

    thank you
    kaiminani at gmail dot com
    I'm in the US

  18. I am new to your blog. I like what I have seen. Please enter me for this giveaway and thank you for the chance.


  19. I'm a total e-reader convert (altho with a diff brand than Kindle!) for the reasons you mentioned — so many older books I'd hate to carry around on my commute that I now have in my reader thanks to Google books!

    Lovely redesign, by the way, and thank you for the generous giveaway!

    thesibylqueen at

  20. I was actually on your website yesterday and thinking it looked a bit different from my last visit. Very nicely done!

  21. The website is looking good !

    Thanks for the giveaway and especially for reserving one for us International entrants.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DPT com

  22. I love your books, but can't find them in my library so have to buy them. So I would be THRILLED to win!!!

  23. Thank you for the giveaway specially when you think of overseas readers. This is much appreciated.

    Admire the website and the kindle! Love the reasons…

    I still have not read Hugh and Bess and would love to get that!

  24. Oooh, I missed the significance of the colour scheme! Well spotted, Su. I guess someone's subliminal message is working then.

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