Friday Night Follies

As this is the first night in several days that I’ve been able to sit at the computer without sweating miserably (it’s been HOT here), I thought I’d edify you Tudor fans with the following:

Now for Anne Boleyn courtesy of Simpsonize Me:

I tried to do Richard III for the Yorkists among you, but he didn’t work out very well, I’m afraid:

At least there’s no hump!

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Follies”

  1. But does Anne have a sixth finger??

    It is still unbearably hot here as well. I don’t know how we stood hot summers as kids without air conditioning!

  2. I tried to Simpsonize the effigy of Edward II, but it doesn’t do black and white, unfortunately! Cool site, though.

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    I do hope the person who invented air conditioning is in receipt of a Nobel Prize.

    I too was hoping to Simpsonize Edward II. They really need to add a black and white function.

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