Feline or Fido? An Utterly Unscientific Poll

Maybe it’s just me, but when I surf around to blogs or websites of other people interested in history or historical fiction, I seem to encounter more cat people than dog people, judging from the pictures people post and the comments they make. And when people comment on my own website, they quite often mention my Cats Galore page, but not the My Buddy Boswell page (my cairn terrier’s page). So this makes me think, are people who like historical fiction more cat-loving people or dog-loving people?

(I myself am a cat person of long standing, as anyone who’s had the misfortune to view our carpet and chairs can attest. Every item I wear bears a patina of cat hair, courtesy of the four felines who run our house. In 2001, however, I got Boswell, and he’s almost made a dog person out of me. So it’s a close one.)

In any case, to help resolve this burning question, please vote at the place provided in the sidebar.

Coming soon: bared bookshelves.

7 thoughts on “Feline or Fido? An Utterly Unscientific Poll”

  1. I think writers in general are more cat persons. Most of my online writer acquaintances have feline furries.

    I like cats, but if I’d get an animal myself, it would be a dog. A big breed.

    Or a horse, but that wasn’t the question. 😉

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Blogger seems to be in a snit about my poll. Sometimes I see it in my sidebar, other times I don’t.

  3. I like cats, but I’m definitely a dog person – I voted for ‘Dog’ in the poll. And cute though your cats are (especially the fat one) I prefer Boswell. More photos sometime….? 😉

  4. Margaret Evans Porter

    I only had one cat in my life, and it ran away–at the pet show! Never to be seen again.

    I was born into a dog family, and have hardly ever been without one, but typically two or three.

    But some of my best friends are utterly devoted to cats–meaning I also have a lot of kitty friends of whom I’m quite fond.

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