Everything’s Coming Up Roses

As we know thanks to Sarah, Philippa Gregory is set to write three novels set during the Wars of the Roses: The White Queen, The White Princess, and The Red Queen. Gregory’s popularity can’t help but aid other historical novelists publishing about the Wars of the Roses in finding readers, so with that in mind, I’m planning some novels of my own. Here are just a few:

Knights in White Satin

A mix-up by a royal clerk leaves Henry VI’s troops scrambling for armor at the last minute, and Henry doesn’t even notice.

Red Roses for a Blue Lady

After the Battle of Barnet, Somerset tries as best he can to cheer up Margaret of Anjou.

Better Dead Than Red

Before heading out to battle at Tewkesbury, Edward, George, and Richard enter into a suicide pact if things don’t turn out as they’ve planned.

The White Stuff

To his horror, Edward IV discovers that even kings can get dandruff.

The White Bore

Since becoming king, Richard III’s had a lot on his mind, and Anne starts to realize that he just hasn’t been a lot of fun lately.

Red Letter Day

Nothing makes the exiled Henry Tudor happier than receiving a letter from Mum.

The Red in the Black

Thanks to Henry VII’s new treasurer, the crown is solvent once again.

Red, White, and Blue

With nothing to fight about after the Battle of Stoke, Yorkists and Lancastrians alike are down in the dumps.

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  1. Those are too funny! I especially like “Red Letter Day” and “Better Dead than Red”.

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