Even Jane Grey’s on Cosmopolitan!

I wanted to find a teen magazine for Jane, but all of the cover generators I found looked a little sketchy, so I stuck with the tried and true.

Karen over at A Neville Feast has some Cosmo girls of her own. A few more of my Facebook friends have done them as well, so if you’re over there, keep an eye out!


6 thoughts on “Even Jane Grey’s on Cosmopolitan!”

  1. Very imaginative … I confess to having a great deal of trouble thinking of the religious fanatics (Jane, Mary Tudor) as “Cosmo girls”. Elizabeth and/
    or Mary, Queen of Scots — another matter.

    1. Yeah??? I could NOT put the book down!!! It is a complicated story with all the names and titles……………However this book kept me riveted. I kept having to refer over and over to keep people straight, but that did not deter me. The complication is the enormity of the titles of people involved, I loved this book and look forward to reading more of SH.

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