Don’t Blame Me; It’s the Robitussin Talking

I’ve been busy with other obligations this week (along with a hacking cough) and haven’t had a chance to blog much, but to make up for it, here’s a picture of Boswell in his Halloween outfit, one day early:

Second, here’s what some historical figures would be named if you put their names in the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator:

Hugh le Despenser the younger: Recoil Mush Palin
Eleanor de Clare: Steam Fangs Palin (poor Eleanor!)
Queen Isabella: Knife Pile Palin (an apt one!)
Edward II: Clop Clutch Palin
Edward IV: Rock Crane Palin (Ooh!)
Elizabeth Woodville: Rankle Hiway Palin
Jane Shore: Bash Budweiser Palin
Richard III: Cue Manhunt Palin
Henry Tudor: Cuppa Invader Palin (Ricardians will like this one!)
Anne Boleyn: Plop Hero Palin
Henry VIII: Timber Challenger Palin
Elizabeth I: Clamp Noodle Palin (I dunno)
Marie Antoinette: Log Justice Palin (that has a nice revolutionary ring to it)

And my Palin name?

Bigger Channel Palin

5 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Me; It’s the Robitussin Talking”

  1. Boswell’s not convinced this outfit is going to get him on the catwalk in Paris. He looks sorta scekptical. 🙂

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, all! He had a great time on Halloween–got lots of pats when he came to the door to help pass out treats. (And one kid was duly impressed by all of the books visible in the living room.)

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