Cosmo Girl Isabella Pays a Visit! (And Two More Queens)

It’s been a long time since Isabella, Edward II’s queen, has paid a visit to this blog. In the early days, she used to stop by all of the time! Anyway, I was sure that a fashionable French lady like Isabella wouldn’t miss the chance to be on Cosmopolitan, and here she is!

And here, at last, are Wives One and Four:

7 thoughts on “Cosmo Girl Isabella Pays a Visit! (And Two More Queens)”

  1. Glad that you posted more. I’m surprised, though, that nothing on the covers for Isabella or for Catherine of Aragon (Flodden) mention the leading of armies … is that not a suitable job for a “Cosmo girl”?

  2. Brilliant — especially the “I Like Her Not” headline (amazing how chilling those words can be depending on the speaker). But shouldn’t Isabella be writing a blurb for “Women Who Run With The She-Wolves”? Or better yet, writing it?

  3. Did these fascinating ladies live on a schedule ? It must have taken hours to get dressed, hair, jewels. Did they dine with the men of the court ? Did they have their own wing of the castle ?

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