Cosmo Girl Isabella Pays a Visit! (And Two More Queens)

It’s been a long time since Isabella, Edward II’s queen, has paid a visit to this blog. In the early days, she used to stop by all of the time! Anyway, I was sure that a fashionable French lady like Isabella wouldn’t miss the chance to be on Cosmopolitan, and here she is!

And here, at last, are Wives One and Four:

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7 Responses to Cosmo Girl Isabella Pays a Visit! (And Two More Queens)

  1. Esther says:

    Glad that you posted more. I’m surprised, though, that nothing on the covers for Isabella or for Catherine of Aragon (Flodden) mention the leading of armies … is that not a suitable job for a “Cosmo girl”?

  2. Anne Barnhill says:

    I LOVE these! Especially Anne of Cleves! What fun!

  3. Anerje says:

    I’m really enjoying these posts! Great fun!

  4. Sonetka says:

    Brilliant — especially the “I Like Her Not” headline (amazing how chilling those words can be depending on the speaker). But shouldn’t Isabella be writing a blurb for “Women Who Run With The She-Wolves”? Or better yet, writing it?

  5. Did these fascinating ladies live on a schedule ? It must have taken hours to get dressed, hair, jewels. Did they dine with the men of the court ? Did they have their own wing of the castle ?