Chuggin’ Along with Plaidy

Still chugging along with Jean Plaidy’s In the Shadow of the Crown, about Queen Mary. (I was interrupted for a couple of days by my reading of another novel for review purposes. Can’t discuss it until the official review is posted elsewhere.) The first few chapters in the Plaidy went by fairly slowly, mainly, I think, because Mary was too young to participate in any of the action but just had to recap what had been happening around her. Now that she can talk back, I think things will be a bit more interesting.

I’ve been tweaking both my Squidoo lenses. If you’re interested in historical fiction generally, but not in my book in particular (that’s me you hear gnashing teeth and muttering darkly, but never mind), check out my Reading Historical Fiction lens, which contains links of broad interest, not those centering on particular writers or publishers. If you’re interested in both historical fiction generally and my book, check out both lenses, then have a great weekend! You deserve it, bud.

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