Leicester Dig Countdown Day 4!

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Leicester Remains Countdown Day 5!

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Leicester Dig Countdown: Day 6


Officially, I’m still on hiatus, but as you probably know, the identity of the remains found at Leicester will be revealed on February 4. Therefore, since I’m doing a countdown on Facebook, I thought I’d do it here as well. …

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Bring Out the Bodies and Move ‘Em: Some Modest Proposals


Over the last few weeks, the topic of where Richard III (if the remains at Leicester prove to be his) should be reburied has been the subject of intense (and rather emotional) debate, centering around where the king would have …

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10 Most Peculiar Things I Have Heard Since the Leicester Dig


As anyone who is reading this blog knows, last week, following an archaeological dig at Leicester, a skeleton was unearthed that may well prove to be that of Richard III. Needless to say, this has led to a flurry of online …

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Richard the Mourner?

(First, thanks to Joan for discussing this with me over at the Richard III Society’s private Yahoo group.) On a number of places on the Internet, including both the Richard III Society and the Richard III Foundation websites, it’s stated …

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Richard III: Friend of Womankind?

In a particularly hagiographic passage in Richard the Third, Paul Murray Kendall writes, “[O]ften Richard scattered small gifts like a benevolent agent of Providence . . . to Anne Caux, ‘once the nurse of Edward IV,’ he gave £20 yearly …

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Richard III the Sickly Child?

Of all the myths that modern writers have created about Richard III, one of the most pervasive is that he was a frail, sickly child who was lucky to have reached adolescence. It pops up in a number of older …

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Richard III and the Fates of Protectors

First, if you happen to follow me on Twitter, please don’t open any direct messages purporting to be from me. They were sent by a hacker, not by me. I very seldom send direct messages on Twitter, and I never …

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A New Richard III Novel: This Time

One of my friends from the Richard III Society, Joan Szechtman, has written a novel about Richard III, which is due out shortly from Basset Books. It’s called This Time, and it has a twist: instead of dying on Bosworth …

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