Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! If you had a bad 2012, I hope 2013 is much better, and if you had a good 2012, I hope 2013 outdoes it! As you probably know, in medieval and Tudor England, the gift-giving day …

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Margaret of Anjou on Cosmo


I put this on Facebook a couple of days ago, but for those of you who aren’t there, here’s Margaret of Anjou! By the way, I’m finally winding down my blog tour. (You can find links to all of my …

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Mark Satchwill’s Portrait of Margaret of Anjou


I have long admired artist Mark Satchwill’s portraits of historical figures, and I was delighted to be able to commission one of Margaret of Anjou, just in time for the publication of The Queen of Last Hopes! Here it is! …

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The Queen of Last Hopes in LOL Cats: A Preview While You’re Waiting


If you happened to visit your local bookstore on January 1, you might have asked yourself this question, “Where, pray tell, is The Queen of Last Hopes, which Susan has been saying for the last nine months or so would …

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Was Elizabeth Woodville one of Margaret of Anjou’s Ladies?

It’s stated as fact in the Wikipedia article on Margaret of Anjou, and elsewhere, that Elizabeth Woodville served as a lady-in-waiting to Margaret of Anjou. Fact or fiction? Unfortunately, the answer is uncertain. The assertion that Elizabeth was one of …

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The Sack of Ludlow: The Margaret/Cecily Face-Off

As I mentioned on Margaret of Anjou’s Facebook page, a number of novels set during the Wars of the Roses have a scene where Margaret of Anjou’s troops sack the town of Ludlow, usually resulting in carnage that makes the …

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Letters from Koeur to Portugal: 1464

Here are two letters written from Margaret of Anjou’s court in exile in December 1464: one by John Fortescue, the other by Edward of Lancaster. Fortescue, Henry VI’s chancellor in exile, was about sixty-seven when he wrote his letter and …

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The Captivity of Margaret of Anjou


A comment on Margaret’s Facebook page (thanks, Marilyn!) reminded me that I’ve never posted in detail about Margaret’s captivity following her defeat at Tewkesbury. So now I’m going to remedy this situation. Edward IV left Tewkesbury on May 7, 1471, …

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Scenes from Coventry

In 1456, Margaret of Anjou took up residence in the midlands, where she and Henry VI would spend much of 1456 and 1457. Their base was the city of Coventry, which would become known as “the queen’s secret harbour.” Henry …

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In Which We Review a Paper Doll Book for the First Time

A couple of weeks ago on e-Bay, I came across a book called Infamous Women Paper Dolls, featuring, among other women, Margaret of Anjou. Naturally, I had to see a copy, and it arrived in my mailbox today. Infamous Women …

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