My Friend the Semicolon; And Its Relation the Comma

I love semicolons; I really, really do. What prompted this revelation is a discussion that I’ve been having at the day job. (Yes, the glamour of my day job overwhelms even me at times.) Regardless of the outcome of the work discussion, I’ll continue in my admiration and esteem for the semicolon. I don’t think …

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Some Timely Polls

Having decided that the fix was on with my Jane Austen poll (Henry Tilney getting more than twice the votes Mr. Darcy got? And Mr. Knightley getting only 4?), I’ve replaced it with no fewer than three highly seasonal polls. So view and vote! We’ll be having some candy hearts on the blog tomorrow, so …

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This ‘n’ That

A couple of pre-Labor Day thoughts: Check out Pauline Montagna’s The Romance of History, an ezine discussing historical romance and historical fiction. There’s an essay by Pauline about Regency romances, an article by Francis A. Miniter about James Clavell’s Shogun, and a couple of reviews by yours truly. I’ve got myself a Myspace site up …

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Meme Time Again: Five Folks I’d Like to Meet

Here’s an interesting meme going around that Carla, Alex, and Gabriele C among others have each picked up on: five historical people you’d like to meet (or to know more about). This one took a bit of pondering. I excluded people I’ve written about (too likely to say, “Bimbo, you got it all wrong!”) and …

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I’m a Wrathful, Gloomy, Lustful Mouse

Probably because of thinking dark thoughts about historical novelists who don’t bother to do research and about all of those hunky Scotsmen who have populated much of my recent reading: The Dante’s Inferno Test has banished you to the Fifth Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels: Level Score Purgatory …

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Quiz Day

Yesterday, I went to a used bookstore and returned with a copy of Fatal Majesty by Reay Tannahil. I’m kicking myself today for not buying The Marriage of Meggotta by Edith Pargeter, but have just remedied that situation through my faithful pickpocket Amazon. When I came home, a copy of Sweet Passion’s Pain by Karen …

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Where Am I?

Family obligations have kept me offline for the past couple of days and probably will until the weekend at least, but I’ll be back posting soon–I’ve had plenty of time to read!

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