Bring Out the Bodies and Move ‘Em: Some Modest Proposals

Over the last few weeks, the topic of where Richard III (if the remains at Leicester prove to be his) should be reburied has been the subject of intense (and rather emotional) debate, centering around where the king would have …

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Three Diseases in One Body: Frances, Duchess of Suffolk, Gets Sick

In August 1552, Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk, fell seriously ill, forcing her husband, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, to make a mad dash from court to her bedside. On August 26,  Suffolk wrote a hasty letter to William Cecil to …

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Making Babies and Dressing Meat: Visits from the Family, Tower-Style

While those imprisoned at the Tower in Tudor England could expect to receive official visitors, such as royal officials charged with the task of interrogating them, or spiritual visitors, brought in to give comfort or in some cases for the …

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Fifteen Aids to Grey

A couple of months ago, I did the following guest post on the lovely Sharon Kay Penman’s blog as part of my blog tour for Her Highness, the Traitor. Although I’ve come across a couple of blog posts and books …

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Jane Grey and Katherine Parr

Read about Katherine Parr or Jane Grey, and you’ll soon come across the statement, in various guises, that when Jane Grey came to live with Katherine Parr, Katherine gave Jane the maternal nurturing of which she had been deprived.  It …

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Reading to Grandmother

A while back when doing research on the Seymour family, I came across what I found was a rather amusing letter from Robert Tutt to Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford (the one who secretly married Katherine Grey). The ill-fated marriage …

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Here’s Margaret Beaufort!

Per a special request of a couple of my Goodreads friends, here’s Margaret Beaufort! She thought posing for Cosmopolitan was a little frivolous, but I convinced her that the articles were worthy of her august presence.

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Even Jane Grey’s on Cosmopolitan!

I wanted to find a teen magazine for Jane, but all of the cover generators I found looked a little sketchy, so I stuck with the tried and true. Karen over at A Neville Feast has some Cosmo girls of …

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More Tudor Cosmo Girls!

(I’ll try to add the other two wives soon, unless someone beats me to it! I know this may not be Katherine Howard’s portrait, but the other alternative didn’t work well with the cover generator.)

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The Tudor Cosmo Girl

I shared this on my Facebook page this morning, but I thought those of you who don’t “do” Facebook might enjoy it:  

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