Grave Matters

Here are a couple of more pictures from my trip to Pere Lachaise Cemetery this April. Good medievalist that I am, I took a picture of Abelard and Heloise’s tomb, but unfortunately, it was surrounded by scaffolding. (You can see …

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Current Reading, Some Link Love, and Dead Existentialists

Over my vacation I got less reading done than I thought I would (which is a good thing; I always pack an excess of books in fear of getting stranded at the airport or shut up in a hotel room …

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I’m B-A-A-C-K!

I spent seven very nice days in Paris. This was my first visit there, and I hope it won’t be my last. Since my family and I were first-time visitors, we spent most of the time doing the usual tourist …

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Home Again, with Pictures!

Me and My Hennin:Don’t Mess With Guys Carrying These:The Woodville Family: (Well, I thought that last Coca-Cola I drank tasted a little strange.) I did thoroughly enjoy the Annual General Meeting. (As you can see from the picture of the …

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My Wild Ricardian Weekend

I’m off this weekend to the Richard III Society American Branch’s annual general meeting, held this year in Orlando, Florida. Since I diss the man so much on this blog, you might be surprised to hear that I’m a member, …

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Post Number 299: My New York Trip

I spent this Easter weekend in the very un-medieval atmosphere of New York City: Friday, though it got off to a bad start when my daughter’s suitcase went missing, was notable for a nice lunch I had with Susan A. …

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Shame, Shame!

That’s what happens if you buy too many books at the booksale during the week and your family goes to Williamsburg, Virginia, the following weekend. Meanwhile, at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, Boswell the dog had a sobering encounter:

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