A New Website and a Really Pretty Bozzer


I’m working on a meaty post, but in the meantime, those of you who are interested in medieval history or British royalty should check out Alianore’s new website, King Edward II. As it’s getting warm here (or was, now it’s …

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Catnip for Christmas

I promise this will be my last cute animal picture for 2006. After that, we’ll move back to historical fiction. But after my daughter took this video of Baxter opening a container of catnip on Christmas day, I couldn’t resist …

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Onslow the Sweater Guy


First, a housekeeping note: I just updated my template tonight. In the process, some of my newer links disappeared. I believe I restored them all, but if I’ve left yours out (or if you’d like me to add a link …

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Boswell Makes the Rounds

Remember Boswell’s interview a while back? Now he’s made it onto GalleyCat, along with a number of other pooches, including one called Bothwell and one with a distinct taste for Caleb Carr. Aside from having his doubts about GalleyCat’s feline-centric …

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Meet the Author: Boswell


Some dogs can heel, some can play fetch. But how many dogs can write books? Not very many, I warrant. But Boswell, being an exceptional canine altogether, has just published his first book, with help from my daughter Bethany and …

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Girls, Girls, Grammar


It’s been at least two months since I’ve been to the beach, a long overdue trip. So I was pleased to go there this weekend. (While there, I finished reading a big fat historical novel, but I can’t blog about …

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Bare Naked Bookshelves


I’m not sure what’s sexier, a big empty bookshelf or a bookshelf lined with books. In some ways, I think the first is more tantalizing, because it’s waiting to be filled, whereas the full bookshelf may upon inspection be full …

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Feline or Fido? An Utterly Unscientific Poll

Maybe it’s just me, but when I surf around to blogs or websites of other people interested in history or historical fiction, I seem to encounter more cat people than dog people, judging from the pictures people post and the …

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Another Book About Richard III, Plus a Not-So-Scruffy Dog


So what does my cairn terrier, Boswell, have to do with Richard III? Nothing, except that he went to the groomer the other day, and he looks so pretty, I wanted to post his picture before he reverts to his …

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