Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Merry Christmas from Boswell, Stripes, Ginny, and Onslow!

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In Which I Breathe New Life Into an Old Cliche

Let sleeping dogs (and a cat) lie: (Boswell’s brother Merritt, who lives with my parents, is visiting while my parents are at Disney World with my great-nephews. Unlike certain people I can think of, we are nice to our nephews …

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Happy Birthday, Boswell!

An anonymous commenter on one of my blog posts pointed out a grave omission of mine today: I have not wished a very special guy a Happy Birthday! So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOSWELL! Eight years old today (in dog years). What …

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Don’t Blame Me; It’s the Robitussin Talking

I’ve been busy with other obligations this week (along with a hacking cough) and haven’t had a chance to blog much, but to make up for it, here’s a picture of Boswell in his Halloween outfit, one day early:Second, here’s …

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Excellence in Blogging, Handsome Bozzer, and a Spiffy New Computer

First up, this blog has been given an Excellence in Blogging award by Sarah over at Reading the Past, Historical Tapestry, Catherine Delors, and World of Royalty. Thanks, all! I’ve been lazy about visiting blogs lately, and many of my …

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Have Chair, Will Research

One of the more enjoyable things for me about writing historical fiction is doing the research, but it can be a challenge at times. Fortunately, I have help, as you can see by the pictures below. That’s Michael Hicks’ Warwick …

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Boswell in His Santa Hat: Part 2
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Pets in Historical Fiction

Taking Boswell to the vet today (itching, poor doggie) made me think of some comments that appeared here about Sharon Penman’s novel When Christ and His Saints Slept. Penman, as anyone who’s read her books knows, is fond of giving …

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A New Edward II Forum, and a Word From Stripes

First, for all of you Edward II and fourteenth-century fans out there, check out this great new forum by Alianore, for discussions of Edward II and fourteenth-century history! Second, following Sarah’s post on LOL Cats, I put Stripes to work, …

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In Which Boswell Takes Over This Blog for the Evening

An open letter to Trouble the Dog. Trouble, so now you’re a multi-millionaire. But face it, it can get lonely there in the Big Apple. So here’s a suggestion for you, from one canine to another: Come stay with me …

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