Steal a Look at The Stolen Crown

I noticed tonight that the “Look Inside” feature on The Stolen Crown‘s Amazon page has gone live, so head on over and take a peek! Here are some Amazon statistics for you: A search for the word “Richard” in The …

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Kate Gets a Makeover!

As I’ve probably mentioned here once or twice, The Stolen Crown is due for publication on March 1 of next year. It now has a brand-new cover, so if you’ve got an advance review copy with the old cover, hang …

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A Word From My Cover Designer

A few posts back, I posted the cover for my forthcoming novel, The Stolen Crown (March 2010), and someone asked me the name of the cover designer. I posted it in the comments, and I was delighted to hear from …

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A Pretty Bess, and a Giveaway

Just stopping by to invite you to take a look at Historically Obsessed, where Lizzy J has produced a lovely drawing of Bess de Montacute! Pretty, isn’t she? Speaking of Hugh and Bess, there’s a chance to win it over …

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Isn’t It Pretty?

Got the cover art for The Stolen Crown today: It’s from Monna Pomona by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

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Blog Tour and July Search Terms

Hugh and Bess is officially out today, so I’m going on another blog tour! Look at these sites for reviews, interviews, and a guest post: Musings of a Bibliophile (7/28) Passages to the Past (8/1) My Friend Amy (8/1) Reading …

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Hugh and Bess Now Available!

I’m working on another post, but I did want to stop by and mention not at all subtly that Hugh and Bess is now showing up as “In Stock” on Amazon. It also seems to be on the shelves in …

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An Interview With Me, and Playing with Bookshelves

I was pleased to see that Heather Domin has posted an interview she did with me as part of a write-up for the Historical Novels Review. Thanks, Heather! You can enjoy Heather’s online serial novel, Valerian’s Legion: The Soldier of …

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The Stolen Crown, and a Handy Website

Last night at about 1:00 a.m., I put the finishing touches to my Buckingham novel, now called The Stolen Crown. If all goes well, look for it in 2010 sometime! I’m now pondering what to write about next. I think …

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Meme Time! What Would Your Characters Do?

Thanks to Gabriele, instead of spending lunchtime patiently fact-checking and proofreading the final draft of the Buckingham novel, I’m doing this meme. Pick 10 characters at random, then answer how they will react in various given situations. So here goes, …

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