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Search Terms, Favorites, and Happy New Year!

This will probably be my last post for 2009, so I wanted to start off with some search terms: queen isabella s what happened with piracy She gave it up after deciding that the eyepatch was just too unbecoming, darling. cases of siblings mistakenly marryingPractice moderation on New Year’s Eve, folks, or this could be …

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Search Terms!

I couldn’t do a search term post last month because, alas, all of the searches were downright boring and straightforward. This month, however, is somewhat of an improvement. (Strangely enough, I got a lot of searches for “Elizabeth Woodville and witchcraft.” Has someone written a novel about her involving witchcraft?) Without further ado, here’s the …

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Blog Tour and July Search Terms

Hugh and Bess is officially out today, so I’m going on another blog tour! Look at these sites for reviews, interviews, and a guest post: Musings of a Bibliophile (7/28) Passages to the Past (8/1) My Friend Amy (8/1) Reading Adventures (8/2) Jennifer’s Random Musings (8/2) Peeking Between the Pages (8/3) Historical (8/3) Grace’s …

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Search Terms

It’s June, and that means that it’s time for May search terms! what would happen if a divorce happened in the elizabethan eraQuite possibly, a divorce. wife in shortsJust ask her nicely, and I’m sure she’ll oblige. historical fiction with explicit sex Let’s get down to business, shall we? english kings fake pregnancy So that’s …

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Search Terms

It’s been a busy last few days, between the day job and it being tax time here, but I thought I’d post several recent search terms used to reach my website. (Most have been distressingly sensible and straightforward lately.) susan higginbotham resignsWishful thinking from an unhappy blog reader? elizabeth de burgo’ and cambridge black widowI …

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Monday Morning Keywords

higginbotham family scotland You ought to see the kilts the Higginbotham men wear. Bare-chested, naturally. hugh t. despenser There’s Hugh the elder, Hugh the younger, and Hugh the Mr. T. Despenser. I probably won’t be writing about the latter. i heard that you are working with childrens isabella Nothing like a little charity work to …

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