Leicester Dig Countdown Day 2!

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Leicester Dig Countdown Day 3!

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Leicester Dig Countdown Day 4!

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Leicester Remains Countdown Day 5!

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Leicester Dig Countdown: Day 6


Officially, I’m still on hiatus, but as you probably know, the identity of the remains found at Leicester will be revealed on February 4. Therefore, since I’m doing a countdown on Facebook, I thought I’d do it here as well. …

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A Christmas Newsletter from Jane Seymour


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Owing to my deadlines for my books, I will probably be blogging very sporadically,  if at all, until I have met them. I did, however, want to leave you with a little tidbit, …

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The Last Search Terms Post of 2012


elizabeth woodville richard iii affair Well, that explains a lot. susan higginbotham disney With my two cats and two dogs as my cute talking sidekicks. bad news of susan higginbotham Does this mean Disney won’t be making the movie after …

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Ten Reasons to Love the Tudors, and a Giveaway!


Lately online, I’ve seen people here and there complaining that they’re tired of the Tudors, or simply don’t like them. Some people simply can’t forgive the Tudors for supplanting the gentle, peace-loving, Maypole-dancing Plantagenets (particularly the saintly Richard III), while …

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Bring Out the Bodies and Move ‘Em: Some Modest Proposals


Over the last few weeks, the topic of where Richard III (if the remains at Leicester prove to be his) should be reburied has been the subject of intense (and rather emotional) debate, centering around where the king would have …

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Fifteen Aids to Grey


A couple of months ago, I did the following guest post on the lovely Sharon Kay Penman’s blog as part of my blog tour for Her Highness, the Traitor. Although I’ve come across a couple of blog posts and books …

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