A Christmas Newsletter from Jane Seymour


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Owing to my deadlines for my books, I will probably be blogging very sporadically, ┬áif at all, until I have met them. I did, however, want to leave you with a little tidbit, …

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Cosmo Girl Isabella Pays a Visit! (And Two More Queens)


It’s been a long time since Isabella, Edward II’s queen, has paid a visit to this blog. In the early days, she used to stop by all of the time! Anyway, I was sure that a fashionable French lady like …

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Was Henry VIII Having an Affair with the Duke of Buckingham’s Sister?


In May 1510, Henry VIII is supposed to have strayed from the marital bed of Catherine of Aragon, taking as his partner Anne, Lady Hastings, a sister of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. Indeed, book after book confidently asserts that …

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Did Katherine Howard Say That She Would Rather Die the Wife of Thomas Culpeper?

According to many books and websites, Katherine Howard, standing on the scaffold on February 13, 1542, pronounced, “I die a queen, but I would rather die the wife of Thomas Culpeper.” Myth or fact? The story that Katherine Howard said …

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