Edward II

Edward II at Berkeley Castle

I couldn’t let poor Edward II’s death anniversary (September 21, 1327) pass without comment (especially with Alianore on blog holiday), but I’m too lazy today to write a special post for the occasion. So here’s how I handle it in The Traitor’s Wife: “According to Lord Mortimer’s lieutenant, William of Shalford, men in Wales, South

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The Reign of Edward II as Told by the King

(King Elvis, of course) “This Is The Story” “Your Life Has Just Begun” “Can’t Help Falling in Love” “He Is My Everything” “From A Jack To A King” “Hey Little Girl” “The Girl I Never Loved” “He’ll Have To Go” “Don’t Be Cruel” “Without Him” “Every Effort has Been Made” “My Boy” “I Need Somebody

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Geraldus Redux

I don’t know if you overseas readers have noticed this, but we in the United States have been awfully apologetic lately. We’ve had a radio host apologizing for making racist remarks, we’ve had the president of the World Bank apologize for getting his special lady friend a handsome raise, and we’ve had our president apologize

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A Refreshing Look at a King’s Favorite

I finished The Lord of Misrule by Eve Trevaskis today, about Edward II and Piers Gaveston, told in the third person mainly from the viewpoint of Gaveston. I can’t add much to Sarah Johnson’s recent review of it except to point out that I found it historically accurate and carefully researched, the more so because

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