Edward and Me: Guest Post by Martin White

As some of you probably know, I got my start as a historical novelist writing about Edward II, so I’m pleased to be hosting a guest post from Martin White, who’s also written about this flawed but intriguing king. Over …

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Guest Post by Kathryn Warner: Edward II and the Despensers


I’m so pleased to welcome my friend Kathryn Warner for her new biography of Edward II. I’ve been looking forward to a book like this for years, and what better person than Kathryn to write it? Kathryn and I first …

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The Half-Hanged Man: A Guest Post by David Pilling


I’d like to welcome a guest poster, David Pilling, to my blog! Although my recent research has centered on the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, my first two novels were set in the fourteenth century, so it’s great to see some …

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Cosmo Girl Isabella Pays a Visit! (And Two More Queens)


It’s been a long time since Isabella, Edward II’s queen, has paid a visit to this blog. In the early days, she used to stop by all of the time! Anyway, I was sure that a fashionable French lady like …

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Hugh and Eleanor at Tewkesbury Abbey


I got an e-mail the other day from Stephanie Decavallas, who did this beautiful drawing (in two color schemes) of Eleanor de Clare, heroine of The Traitor’s Wife, and her husband, Hugh le Despenser the younger, at Tewkesbury Abbey. Naturally, …

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Eleanor le Despenser Gets a New Dress


The other day, I was fooling around on eBay (a place I really have no business being). As is my wont, I did a search for “Despenser” (among other searches) and lo and behold, what appeared but a doll costume …

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Elizabeth le Despenser, Daughter of Hugh and Eleanor

Elizabeth le Despenser (who appears a couple of times in Hugh and Bess) was the youngest surviving daughter born to Hugh le Despenser and Eleanor de Clare. Her birth date is unknown, but either she or her brother John might …

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A Despenser at Dunstable, 1334

One of the fun things about using a lesser-known historical figure as a subject of a novel is that when you run into something about him–anything–you’re absolutely delighted. So a while back when I saw in Collectanea topographica & genealogica, …

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In Memory of a Fallen Soldier: Edward le Despenser

Edward le Despenser was the second son of Hugh le Despenser the younger and Eleanor de Clare. He was born before November 23, 1315, when Edward II issued a license for John de Cromwell and his wife, Idonia, to grant …

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Three Cheers for the BBC!

I have a Google alert set up for “Edward II,” and though I get some things of interest that way, I also get a lot of worthless alerts, mostly to shopping sites. So when I saw my alert today, I …

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