Three Cheers for the BBC!

I have a Google alert set up for “Edward II,” and though I get some things of interest that way, I also get a lot of worthless alerts, mostly to shopping sites. So when I saw my alert today, I …

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At the Movies

So I’ve halfway figured out the book video trailer stuff now. Here’s the result for The Traitor’s Wife. If you’re interested in doing one yourself, there’s some very helpful information here.

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Ramblings on Spectacles

I went to have my eyes examined the other day and was greeted with the usual joy in the optometry department, since my prescription isn’t the lenses-in-one-hour type but a high-powered one that sets my wallet to groaning. One of …

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At the Movies

This weekend I saw the Sofia Coppola movie Marie Antoinette. An interesting movie, but all in all a disappointment. Visually, this is a gorgeous movie–beautiful interior and exterior shots and exquisite costuming. Even the various yippy little dogs that chew …

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Brabeheart . . . Bradeheart . . . Gimme minute, Offishur . . . Braveheart!

I suppose one should feel some sympathy for Mel Gibson, who’d apparently been off the booze for a long time before very spectacularly getting back on it, but nah. Not when he’s operating a car and endangering other people’s lives. …

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At Last, I Sit Through Half of Braveheart

The other night, my husband channel-surfed and landed on Braveheart, which I missed seeing at the time it was released (a) because it wasn’t anything that interested me then and (b) because it came out when I was in law …

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