Abraham Lincoln

The First Lady and the Rebel: An Outtake

Like most novels, The First Lady and the Rebel underwent revisions on its path to publication (look for it on October 1!). This is the epilogue in the first draft. It was replaced by one that I felt was more in keeping with the focus of the novel: the relationship between the two Todd sisters …

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What’s New?

Recently, I added this nifty carte-de-visite to my modest collection of Lincoln memorabilia–a memorial photograph that’s a composite of photos taken during his presidency. Aside from what’s new in my collection, what’s new in my writing? While awaiting publication of The First Lady and the Rebel (coming in October!) I’ve been busy working on another …

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Happy New Year!

In one of her letters written while she was living in Springfield, Illinois, Mary Lincoln refers to the practice of having “open houses” on New Year’s Day. Recalling the custom years later, Emily Huntington Stuart wrote, “When I was a child, and even long after my marriage, the custom of keeping open house on New …

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