7 thoughts on “Boswell Makes the Rounds”

  1. One of my cats ate my brandnew copy of Amazonia back when I bought it. I ended up loving that book. 🙂

    Looking at dogs, makes me want a puppy. Sandy has an anxiety thing, my computer is dead and I have been using my mother’s, which means a room the dog is not allowed in. She waits until my sister is busy and then sneaks in!

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    I didn’t really care much for dogs until we got Boswell (hard to resist an eight-week-old puppy crawling over your shoes). Sometimes I wish we had another puppy in the house–the carpet’s shot anyway.

  3. Galleycat’s a really popular site – good deal. Hope Boswell is dealing well with the fame 🙂

    I doubt he could be much more destructive than my smallest cat, who likes to climb door moldings….

  4. Susan Higginbotham

    Bozzer’s a fairly modest guy still. Hasn’t asked for extra pig ears or Beggin’ Strips lately.

    We don’t declaw our cats either, though they’re strictly indoor ones. One used to like to scratch the walls when he was younger. (He’s mellowed a bit–not to mention the squirt gun helped.) At least he was nice enough to confine his destruction to a small area.

  5. None of our cats are declawed, and unfortunately, cutting the littlest one’s claws is next to impossible. She wriggles all over the place and bites whoever’s trying to hold her. Little pest. The other two are no problem at all.

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