Blog Tour and July Search Terms

Hugh and Bess is officially out today, so I’m going on another blog tour! Look at these sites for reviews, interviews, and a guest post:

Musings of a Bibliophile (7/28)

Passages to the Past (8/1)

My Friend Amy (8/1)

Reading Adventures (8/2)

Jennifer’s Random Musings (8/2)

Peeking Between the Pages (8/3)

Historical (8/3)

Grace’s Book Blog (8/4)

Historical Tapestry (8/5)

Mrs. Magoo Reads (8/5)

Historical Fiction (8/6)

Jenn’s Bookshelf (8/6)

The Tome Traveller’s Weblog (8/7)

Beatrice (8/8)

Book Addiction (8/9)

Steven Till (8/10)

Medieval Bookworm (8/11)

Carla Nayland (8/11)

The Literate Housewife Review (8/12)

Diary of an Eccentric (8/13)

Bookfoolery and Babble (8/14)

OK, we’re done with the self-promotion! Now for what you’ve been waiting for–search terms!

what does a countess do

Countess stuff. maybe?

david starkey what do you think about jean plaidy?

Feel free to stop by, Dr. Starkey, and tell us!

is jean plaidy explicit

I’ll let Dr. Starkey answer that one.

jean plaidy list of reissues

C’mon, Dr. Starkey, get cracking! Don’t let us down.

george duke the ghost executed secretly

It’s never a good idea to execute a ghost in public. Might get the wrong people upset.

relationship between edward ii and edward ii?

I’m no genealogist, but I’ll hazard that it was a pretty close one.

well written steamy historical romance

“Give it to me!” she begged, trembling and tingling with lust. “Now! It is what I have always dreamed of.”

“Woman,” he whispered in the way that always turned her knees to jelly. “What have I told you? In our language, ‘it’ must have an antecedent, and you must never end a sentence with a preposition.”

“Right,” Margaret of Anjou moaned, her body arching madly. “Give yourself, your all, your everything to me. It is what I have always dreamed of, my darling King Henry.”

Well, I tried.

12 thoughts on “Blog Tour and July Search Terms”

  1. Congratulations on Hugh and Bess!

    And I so love that little scene – especially the "Woman" part. lol!! Can't even imagine poor Henry VI ever talking like that!

  2. Marie @ The Burton Review

    oooh Totally Jealous of the blog tour participants.. Hope you have a grand tour Susan!

  3. Christy K Robinson

    Scary. My family physician growing up was Dr. Starkey. His son, same surname, is an endodontist. They're more into golf than historical fiction, though!

    After reading your steamy scene, I had to stand under the AC vent for a full 15 seconds to cool off. You ALMOST had me going. 🙂

  4. Love your steamy scene! And bwhahaha at the relationship between Edward II and Edward II one.

  5. bookreviewer117

    This is the second time I've seen them but I'm still not sure what these "search terms" are or where they come from.

    *feels stupid*

  6. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, folks! Bookreviewer, the company that hosts my website has a program that keeps track of what searches on Google and other search engines people use to reach my website–that's what the search terms are. Most are fairly straightforward–I get a lot of hits from people searching for "Edward II" and "Hugh Despenser"–but some are really off the wall, like the ones I post here.

  7. Susan Higginbotham

    By the way, there are also services that can track Blogger searches, like Sitemeter, but for some reason Sitemeter doesn't seem to like my computer, so I don't track my blog searches these days.

  8. Sue

    Checked the BL catalogue to see if you were in it

    Neither you or Sandra Worth although Sharon Penman is

    On the other hand both you and Sandra have doubles and both in the nutritional business!

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