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Well, it’s my turn on the Blog Advent Calendar! Here are the other participants. (Blogger’s being mean about pasting in links, so you can find a list with links here.)

9 December – Raidergirl (An Adventure in Reading)/ Chris (Stuff as Dreams are Made on)
10 December – Dewey (The Hidden Side of a Leaf)
11 December -Suey (It’s All About Books)
12 December – Chris (Book-a-rama)
13 December – Jill (The Well-Read Child)/Stephanie (The Written Word)
14 December – Robin (A Fondness for Reading)
15 December – Alyssa (By The Book)
16 December – Rachel (A Fair Substitute for Heaven)
17 December – Literary Feline (Musings of a Bookish Kitty)/ Stephanie (Stephanie’s Confessions of a Book-a-holic)
18 December – Dev (Good Reads)
19 December – Callista (S.M.S. Book Reviews)
20 December – Tiny Little Librarian (Tiny Little Librarian)
21 December – Carla (Carla Nayland Historical Fiction)/ Susan (Reading, Raving, and Ranting by a Historical Fiction Writer)
22 December – Carolyn Jean (The Trillionth Page)
23 December – Booklogged (A Reader’s Journal)
24 December – Kailana (The Written World) / Carl V. (Stainless Steel Droppings)

First, here’s Boswell in my daughter’s Victoria’s Secret Santa hat (photo shoot courtesy of my daughter):

Second, thanks to Joan Szechtman, who posted the link over at the Richard III Society discussion group, here’s some caroling Roombas.

Third, our feature presentation: The Duke of Debenhams: A Christmas Eve Playlet (see below). Henry, Duke of Buckingham, is said to haunt Debenhams department store in Salisbury, built on the site of his execution . . .

Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year! I hope it will be a good one for all of you.

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  1. Susan Higginbotham

    Boswell thanks you all! As usual, we waited too late to find him a doggie sweater in his size, but my daughter was nice enough to loan him her Santa hat. (Somehow I think he would have been happy to go without, though.)

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