Bare Naked Bookshelves

I’m not sure what’s sexier, a big empty bookshelf or a bookshelf lined with books. In some ways, I think the first is more tantalizing, because it’s waiting to be filled, whereas the full bookshelf may upon inspection be full of something disappointingly uninteresting, such as cookbooks (apologies to the cooks out there).

Anyway, as everything in my living room has to be moved tomorrow so that new flooring can be laid down (thanks, cats!), I thought I’d take a picture of one of the rare moments when my biggest bookshelf is absolutely free of books.

Where are the books, you might ask? Piled up in my bedroom around my work computer and in my daughter’s bedroom around her desk. Contractors willing, they’ll be back in their appointed places tomorrow night, and perhaps even in some logical order (Dickens on one shelf, medieval biographies on another, etc.). Well, a girl can dream, anyway, can’t she?

In the meantime, it’s given Boswell the dog and Onslow the youngest cat the opportunity to act the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Quite the talents, aren’t they?

5 thoughts on “Bare Naked Bookshelves”

  1. Alex Bordessa

    They are lovely bookshelves! A proper piece of furniture to honour your books. I’ve only mdf-type shelves for mine 🙁

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, ladies! I have lots of hideous bookshelves too–out in the garage holding most of my paperbacks.

  3. I second Alex, that bookshelf is beautiful! That’s the sort of thing I want when I get to be a big boy.

    BTW, does Onslow the Cat sit around in an undershirt watching the races while eating a packet of crips by any chance? Just curious.

  4. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, Frank! No crisps, but Onslow is a bit like his human counterpart in that he blusters a lot without any thing to back it up. He was totally frazzled by the contractors coming in (he’s totally frazzled when anyone comes into the house, including my aging parents) and only emerged from hiding late last night.

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