A Visit to North Elba


One of the greatest thrills for a historical novelist is being able to walk in his or her characters’ footsteps by visiting the places where they once lived. I first got this privilege while writing The Traitor’s Wife, when I …

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A Memorial Day Tribute to Charles P. Tidd and Carrie Cutter


This Memorial Day, I’m remembering, Sgt. Charles P. Tidd, and his friend and nurse, Carrie Cutter, both of whom died in service to their country. Tidd, one of John Brown’s raiders, evaded capture after the raid. After the Civil War …

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What’s New?


Recently, I added this nifty carte-de-visite to my modest collection of Lincoln memorabilia–a memorial photograph that’s a composite of photos taken during his presidency. Aside from what’s new in my collection, what’s new in my writing? While awaiting publication of …

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Guest Post by Heather R. Darsie: When Anne Met Henry


I’m delighted to be one of the stops on Heather R. Darsie’s blog tour for her new biography of Anne of Cleves, one of the least-studied of Henry VIII’s six wives. Over to Heather: Anna of Cleves Meets Henry VIII: …

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Mr. Helm Goes to Washington–And Then to Montgomery


In March 1861, one of many job-seekers arrived at the White House, looking for patronage at the hands of the new President, Abraham Lincoln. Unlike many, this one was successful. Ultimately, though, he turned down the offer–and ended up fighting, …

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The Great Couch Dust-Up: A Letter from Phoebe Yates Pember to Emily Todd Helm


While doing research for The First Lady and the Rebel, my forthcoming novel about Mary Lincoln and her Confederate half-sister, Emily Todd Helm, I visited the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort to look through Emily’s papers. Among the many wartime …

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An Outtake: The Lincolns Meet the Strattons


During the editing of The First Lady and the Rebel, some sacrifices had to be made, and the following is one of them: a deleted scene where the Lincolns play host to Charles and Lavinia Stratton, better known as Mr. …

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Photo Wednesday: A Girl from an Album


For my photo Wednesday, here’s a photograph of an unnamed young girl from an album I own.¬† Victorian photograph albums range from the simple to the elaborate–some even played music!¬†Sadly, many have been broken up by photo dealers–understandably, as many …

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My Small Mary Lincoln Gallery


As promised last week, I intend to keep this blog more active. Lately, on Facebook, I’ve been posting Victorian and Edwardian photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, so I shall start doing the same here. Today, in honor of Mary …

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With apologies for not being here much lately, I do have some pleasing news: my seventh novel, The First Lady and the Rebel, about Mary Lincoln and her younger sister Emily Todd Helm, will be out in the fall of …

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