Another Year, Another Search Terms Post

It’s been a while since we’ve done search terms here. Apologies to those of you who follow me on Facebook; you’ll have seen the first one there:

romance novel about an earl that becomes a panther

He pulled her tightly to him and kissed her, smoldering kisses that lingered on her skin and made her thrill with longing. “One day,” he whispered, “I’ll bring you home the biggest, tastiest deer you’ve ever seen.”

the duke did not discuss his feelings with the duchess because he

He was out carousing with his panther buddy.

john dudley bad execution

Good executions are always to be preferred.

beheading of duchess ——- gone wrong

See what I mean?

of is the weather coming-of-age higginbottom they are making for your

Somewhere in here is a kernel of meaning, but it’s an awfully small one.

stained glass with henry vii edward i edward ii and no richard iii

No Richard III? Does the Richard III Society know about this?

homer simpson builds westminster abbey

Yes, but Ned Flanders gets all of the credit.

did edward 11 have a dog

If he had, it might have spared him a lot of problems.

which monarch kept the corpse of an unsuitable friend for weeks edward 11

See, this is where the dog could have come in handy.

who was king henry viii

Some fat royal dude who had a lot of wives.

Jacquetta Woodpile

First they accuse the poor woman of witchcraft, then they screw up her last name.

higginbotham is such an ugly last name

Well, it could be worse. I could have been named Woodpile.

richard lll hotel proprietor

It’s true. The Battle of Bosworth was just a grand charade so he could throw off the cares of kingship and pursue his lifelong dream of going into the hospitality industry

happy new terms

The only type of terms to have.

6 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Search Terms Post”

  1. Oh my stars!!! So glad I wasn’t drinking anything while reading! As it was I had to fight to contain the laughter that would have probably awaken the baby!!! Woodpile??!!! That would’ve been the best until someone thought you must have created your last name . 🙂

  2. I had to share the Homer Simpson one with the husband because he’s a huge fan of that show – he also really appreciated your response! I keep telling him history geeks are cool people. Thanks for sharing these! As your books get into new territory, you seem to be finding a whole new batch of fun persons.

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