Another Paperback Historical Fiction Treasure

This beauty will soon be in my hands, God and Amazon willing, but I thought I’d leave it with you for the Easter holiday to feast your eyes upon (better than an Easter ham). It’s called Ride East! Ride West! by Anne Powers and is set during the Hundred Years’ War, evidently a time when material for women’s clothing was in short supply if the cover is to be believed.

Powers also wrote a historical novel called Royal Bondage, the cover of which I have not seen but the design possibilities of which will supply me with hours of pleasant speculation on the way to the beach.

Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “Another Paperback Historical Fiction Treasure”

  1. That title’s a new one on me, but I have a few others of hers. The cover looks like Brigitte Bardot meets James Bond.

  2. That dress so does not look like it is from the right period – maybe this is a time travel book in disguise?

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Got the book in record time. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, so I’m still in the dark as to who the sultry woman on the cover is supposed to be. I hope someone buys her a cloak in the course of the novel–brrr!

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