A New Blog Announcement, and Some Therapeutic Ranting

At the suggestion of Deborah Homsher, autor of The Rising Shore–Roanoke, a few of us historical novelists who are self-published have banded together to bring you a new blog, Yesterday Revisited. Check it out! Deborah’s already been posting, and the other members will soon be following suit.

Speaking of yesterday, Wednesday for me was sort of a microcosm of what this entire month has shaped up to be so far. I went over to the bookstore closest to us in the expectation that it would have Jean Plaidy’s The Queen’s Secret, which came out Tuesday, and not only did they not have it, the single copy they had on order wouldn’t be in for a week or so. (And these guys wonder why Amazon’s stock is going up? I’d have it in my hands today probably if I’d ordered online.) Then on the way home from this fruitless errand, I almost got rear-ended (on purpose) by some cell-phone-using redneck in a pickup truck who decided that I wasn’t traveling fast enough for him. (If my sense of humor was in better tune today, I could probably comment on the incongruity of having a redneck chatting away on his Blackberry, but I’m not sure I’m up to it.)

5 thoughts on “A New Blog Announcement, and Some Therapeutic Ranting”

  1. I went to Books a Million in Gastonia , NC Wednesday,and they had plenty of copies of The Queen’s Secret! Of course, I grabbed one!

    And today was payday, so I finally got to order The Traitor’s Wife! So I’ll get that next week from Amazon!

    On to check the new blog, sounds very interesting!


  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, guys! Got my copy of The Queen’s Secret today at Barnes and Noble. Good Barnes and Noble!

  3. elena maria vidal

    Great new blog! I will link to it. I admire writers who are determined and have the courage to bypass the usual channels. I self-published originally and I know how much work goes into it. The publisher I have now is small and just one step away from self-publishing. At least with self-publishing you get to keep the full royalties. Go, girls!

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