A Christmas Scene at Barnes and Noble

While buying a gift card at Barnes and Noble today, I overheard the following exchange:

Clueless customer: “Do you sell Kindle gift cards?”

Clerk: “No, we have Nooks here.”

Clueless customer: “I need a gift card for my friend.”

Clerk: “Well, the Nook gift cards are right here.”

Clueless customer: “But where are the Kindle gift cards?”

Clerk: (steadfastly refusing to mention the “A” word): “All we sell here are Nook gift cards.”

This (with inspiration from my husband and apologies to Dr. Seuss) led to the following poem:

You say you wish to buy a Kindle in our store,
But that is a thing we most abhor!
If you shop here you must buy a Nook,
Or go without reading an electronic book.
No Kindle can be found in our aisles,
To mention the name is so very vile!
Our shelves are lined with pretty Nooks,
We think the Kindle is for kooks.
If you must buy the Amazon devil device,
(And we really wish you would think twice),
You must not think to buy it here,
For its name dampens our Christmas cheer.
So buy your Kindle, if you really must,
But don’t ask for any help from us.

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Scene at Barnes and Noble”

  1. You really do have a gift for improvising rhymes, Susan- that's one of the reasons why I enjoy reading your blog, especially around the holidays!

  2. I am seriously thinking of getting a Kindle. And your reference of B and N reminds me it's been a year since I lost my beloved Borders, the best bookshops in the UK.

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