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" . . . The dialogue is excellent, the characters are well formed and vibrant, and despite the tendency of the
families to name heirs after their fathers and mothers, leading to a confusing roll call, Higginbotham
dexterously keeps the reader focused. Higginbotham’s talents lie not only in her capacity for detailed
genealogical research of the period, but also in her skill in bringing these historical figures to life with
passion, a wonderful sense of humor, honor, and love, leaving the reader to wonder at the fortitude of
Eleanor and others surviving and thriving in such volatile times. "

—From Historical Novels Review Online, Autumn 2005, Catherine Perkins, Reviewer



". . . Higginbotham does a superb job of vividly re-creating the royal intrigue and treachery that characterized Edward’s inner circle, while breathing new life into a complex, real-life heroine forced into making decisions that virtually defined the historical destiny of her family."

—From ;Margaret Flanagan, Booklist



". . . Higginbotham has stirred to life a girl who is naïve and passionate, impulsive and loyal . . . an endearing, involving story, made so by the unconventional characters of Eleanor and Edward."

—From Reviewer's Choice, May 2006, Joy Calderwood, Reviewer



". . . [A]ll the ingredients for a great tale: erotica, treason, war and murder.  Couple this with Higginbotham’s clear passion and knack for accuracy, and this book is a can’t miss.  . . . All in all, this novel was a joy to read."

—From Read and Review, April 2006, John L. Washburn, Reviewer



" . . . [R]iveting. It had intrigue, schemes and romance."

—From Reader Views, Sondra Fowler, Reviewer, June 2006



". . . Higginbotham effectively introduces sympathetic characters  . . .  Conveys emotions and relationships quite poignantly. . . . Ultimately, entertaining historical fiction."

—From Kirkus Discoveries, November 4, 2005



". . . Infighting, schemes, and scandals . . . This book definitely shows a more private, hidden face of Edward and his peers than most works written about this time period."

—From TCM Reviews, December 23, 2005, Tami Brady, Reviewer



". . . While reading this book, I found myself constantly reminded of the fact that these people were real. Higginbotham brings them back to life with all their foibles and shortcomings as well as their noble qualities. She makes history come alive . . . 'The Traitor's Wife' is a tale of intrigue, betrayal, loyalty and passion."

—From ;From BookPleasures, August 30, 2006, Mary Simmons, Reviewer



"Susan Higginbotham's epic medieval soap opera is an engrossing tale of historical fiction . . ."

. —From iUniverse Book Reviews, September 2006



"[An] intricate tale of love and betrayal . . . "

—From Luan Gaines, Curled Up With a Good Book, January 2007





". . . One of the author’s strengths is her depiction of character . . . [A] worthy example of the genre."

—From Ricardian Register, Fall 2005, Myrna Smith, Reviewer




" . . . [T]he best historical fiction writer I've ever slept with."

—From Don, my husband







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