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Stolen Crown



" . . . A beautiful portrait . . . a finely woven web that traps you into the magnificent history of the Wars of the Roses."

—Marie Burton, The Burton Review



". . . Highly recommended for any fan of this period as well as a good eye-opener for those new to it."

—At Home With a Good Book and the Cat



". . . Beautifully written . . . Higginbotham's novel is not only well researched, but also expertly crafted rendering the reader unable to set the novel down."




" . . . Fans of English historical fiction anchored by facts will enjoy the exciting saga of The Stolen Crown."

—Harriet Klausner



" . . . Higginbotham . . . hits another historical high note in her latest fictional foray into the British monarchy. This time around, the Wars of the Roses provides the colorful backdrop for a plot oozing with romance, intrigue, and political maneuvering. . . . This fictional prelude to the Tudor era will appeal to fans of Philippa Gregory’s historicals."

—Margaret Flanagan, Booklist



" . . . There is a story to be told—a very dramatic one—and Higginbotham tells it well."

—Becky's Book Reviews



". . . Higginbotham has created a compelling and thrilling tale of the Wars of the Roses."

—Confessions and Ramblings of a Muse in the Fog



" . . . Full of drama and passion and betrayal and redemption."

 —Confessions of a Book Hoarde



" . . .  Impeccably researched . . .  Higginbotham uses vivid historical details in order to bring the places and people she is writing about to life."

S. Krishna's Books





". . . Well researched and well written.  The characters are believable and ‘real’ in the sense that you begin to feel what they feel and think how they think."

She Read a Book


" . . . a wild ride through the lives of Henry and Kate, from the moment a four-year-old Henry learns of the death of his grandfather, the First Duke of Buckingham, to their first meeting as children and their marriage and lives together. Through the emotion and intimacy of their lives, we are taken on a journey through the story of the War of the Roses, told in a way that even those unfamiliar with the history will be able to follow along with the many historical figures to whom we are introduced, and the swirling tides of battles, victories, and shifting loyalties. "


—Dionne Obeso, Renaissance Magazine





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