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Her Highness the Traitor cover

Her Highness



"[A] masterful story of honor, ambition, and intrigue surrounding the royal court of England. . . . In another well-researched, gripping novel highlighting the female members of the royal court, Higginbotham brings the court to life, including vividly described costumes and customs, while producing a fresh view of the people closest to the top in those turbulent times. Fans of her earlier work or that of Philippa Gregory will enjoy this story."


Cortney Ophoff, Booklist



"Along with historical accuracy, a swift-moving plot and little family details that any mother would remember and treasure, such as Lady Dudley’s talking parrot and Lady Grey’s dismay at her daughter’s surprising lack of common sense, the novel includes characterizations at which this author excels. She takes the infamous villains of history and presents them as relatable human characters. This book at times made me smile and then cry with the tragedy. I very much recommend it."


—Cynthia McArthur, Historical Novels Review





"The plot was so riveting I couldn't get enough. . . . This story had every type of twist and turns imaginable and in the end, it left me wanting even more."

The Long and Short of It 


"Susan Higginbotham’s Her Highness, the Traitor is what great historical fiction should always be.  . . .  [A]lways thought-provoking and very interesting to read."


—India Penwick, Lit Asylum



". . . Susan Higginbotham does a superb job with this story! . . . Susan puts a new light on Jane's mother, Frances Grey."


—Steph, Layered Pages


". . . Higginbotham’s idea of telling the story through the eyes of these women is a wonderful way of bringing these events and characters to life. You feel you’re there with them and you cannot help but be moved by the events as they unfold."

Claire Ridgeway, The Anne Boleyn Files






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