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Links Related to Eleanor de Clare, Edward II, and The Traitor's Wife and Hugh and Bess:


Caerphilly Castle: Eleanor's birthplace, besieged twice by her second husband and one of the last refuges
for Edward II and Hugh le Despenser the younger before their capture by Queen Isabella's forces

Tewkesbury Abbey: where Eleanor and her family are buried (Eleanor likely donated the fourteenth-century stained-glass windows, which depict her husbands, ancestors, and brother along with biblical figures)

Berkeley Castle: where Eleanor's uncle, Edward II, was murdered Gloucester Cathedral, where
Edward II is buried
Kathryn's website about Edward II, full of useful information.

A blog, also by Kathryn, devoted to debunking the myths about Edward II.

Beloved Eleanor, Alison's website about Eleanor of Castile, mother to Edward II.

Edward II on Facebook (with some help from Kathryn).

Hugh le Despenser the younger, Julie Frusher's website.

Piers Gaveston, a blog by Anerje devoted to Edward II's first favorite.


Links Related to the Wars of the Roses, The Stolen Crown, and The Queen of Last Hopes:


The American branch of the Richard III Society, about the last Plantagenet king and the Wars of the Roses.

Tudor Place. A website full of useful information and handy links about the dynasty that started
with Henry VII.

Girders. Factual information about numerous historical figures who lived during the Wars of the Roses.

Margaret of Anjou on Facebook (with some help from me)

The Beaufort Family on Facebook

Wars of the Roses. A website devoted to the wars.


My Other Sites:


Medieval Woman Blog

Reading Historical Fiction Squidoo Lens




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My Publisher:

Sourcebooks, Inc.


My Agent:

Nicholas Croce, The Croce Agency


Historical Novels and Novelists:


The Historical Novel Society, for writers and readers of historical fiction.

Historical Fiction Online, a bulletin board for lovers of historical fiction.


History Sites:


De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History. Full-text articles, book reviews, and more.

Royalty.nu. Its section on British kings includes biographical information and links to books of interest. Frequently updated and chock-full of information.

The Medieval Chronicle, Linda Abel's newsletter featuring articles on medieval, Tudor, and Elizabethan life.


Research Sites and Primary Sources:


British Library Electronic Theses Online Service (many doctoral dissertations can be downloaded for free here) Calendar of Patent Rolls (brought to you by the University of Iowa)

Calendar of State Papers in the Archives and Collections of Milan, 1385 to 1618

Gallica Digital Library

Gregory's Chronicle. An online primary source covering the years through 1469.

Internet Archive (many out-of-print books can be downloaded here)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Polydore Vergil, Anglica Historia

Some Notes on Medieval English Genealogy



Just for Fun:


Need a laugh? Check out these redesigned romance novel covers I came across while surfing.

They're from a site called The Wonderful World of Longmire.


Think you're seeing double, or even triple? No, you're not--publishers are just using the same paintings on historical fiction covers again and again! Here's Reusable Cover Art in Historical Novels: A Gallery: by

librarian Sarah Johnson to prove it.





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