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Edward II - A Timeline



The following table highlights important dates in Edward II's life (and its aftermath). It's by no means
exhaustive, but I hope you find it of use.


  April 24 Edward of Caernarfon, youngest son of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, born in Caernarfon Castle in Wales
  August 19 Edward's elder brother, Alfonso, dies
  November 28 Eleanor of Castile, Edward's mother, dies
    Piers Gaveston appears in Prince Edward's household records
  June 14 Edward I and Prince Edward estranged
  October 13 Edward I and Prince Edward reconciled
  February 26 Edward I orders Piers Gaveston to leave England by April
  July 7 Edward I dies
  August 6 Edward II creates Piers Gaveston, now back in England, Earl of Cornwall
  January 25 Edward II marries Isabella of France in Boulogne
  February 25 Edward II and Isabella crowned at Westminster
  June 28 Gaveston leaves England under pressure from barons, Edward II having appointed him lieutenant in Ireland
  June 27 Gaveston returns from exile
  November 4 Gaveston again leaves England as an exile
  January Gaveston back in England; at York with Edward II
  June 19 Gaveston, having been seized by barons, executed at Blacklow Hill
  November 13 Future Edward III born to Edward II and Isabella at Windsor
  June 24 English defeated by Scottish army at Battle of Bannockburn
  October (or earlier) Hugh le Despenser the younger made royal chamberlain
  August 14 Edward II agrees to exile Hugh le Despenser the younger and his father, Hugh the elder; Hugh the younger takes to piracy
  March 16 Edward II's political enemies defeated at Battle of Boroughbridge
  March 22 Thomas, Earl of Lancaster executed at Pontefract
  August 1 Roger Mortimer, political enemy of Edward II, escapes from Tower of London
  March 9 Queen Isabella arrives in  France to enter into negotiations with the
French king
  September 12 Prince Edward sent to France to do homage for England's continental lands
  December 1 Edward II orders Isabella to return from France; Isabella ignores demand
  September 24 Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer, having begun an affair and raised an army, enter England with troops and meet with minimal resistance
  October 2 Edward II and the Despensers flee London toward Wales
  October 15 Bishop Stapeldon and others lynched by mob in London; the bishop's head is sent to Isabella as a trophy
  October 26 Edward II and the younger Despenser, having fled to Wales, arrive at Caerphilly Castle
  October 27 Hugh le Despenser the elder, Earl of Winchester, beheaded by Isabella and Mortimer in Bristol; Edward II and the younger Despenser
  November 16 Edward II and Hugh the younger captured near Llantrissant; Edward II taken to Kenilworth Castle
  November 17 Earl of Arundel, loyal to Edward II, beheaded without trial at Hereford
  November 24 Hugh the younger hanged, drawn, quartered, and beheaded at Hereford
  January Edward II agrees to resign his crown to his son
  February 1 Coronation of Edward III; Isabella grants herself a dower of over
13,000 pounds
  April Edward II transferred to Berkeley Castle
  September 21 Edward II murdered at Berkeley Castle
  December 20 Edward II buried in Gloucester Abbey (later became Gloucester Cathedral)
  January 24 or 30 Edward III marries Philippa of Hainault
  February 18 Queen Philippa's coronation
  March 19 Having come to believe Edward II was still alive and plotted to free him, Edward, Earl of Kent, Edward II's half-brother, is beheaded on orders of Isabella and Mortimer
  June 15 Edward, Prince of Wales, born to Edward III and Philippa
  October 19 William de Montacute, friend of Edward III, leads a coup against Mortimer, who is seized at Nottingham Castle and taken prisoner, eventually being sent to the Tower of London to await trial
  November 29 Mortimer hung at Tyburn
  August 22 Isabella dies following an illness



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