Edward and Me: Guest Post by Martin White

As some of you probably know, I got my start as a historical novelist writing about Edward II, so I’m pleased to be hosting a guest post from Martin White, who’s also written about this flawed but intriguing king. Over …

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Happy New Year!

In one of her letters written while she was living in Springfield, Illinois, Mary Lincoln refers to the practice of having “open houses” on New Year’s Day. Recalling the custom years later, Emily Huntington Stuart wrote, “When I was a …

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Christmas in Springfield, Illinois, 1862


A while back, I posted about Mary Lincoln’s close friend Mercy Conkling (née Levering). In December 1862, the Conklings’ oldest son, Clinton, was attending college at Yale, where he remained over the Christmas holidays. Accordingly, on December 28, 1862, his mother …

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The Almost-Brides of Abraham


“[E]ach & every one has had, a little romance in  their early days,” Mary Lincoln wrote to family friend David Davis on March 4, 1867, “but as my husband was truth itself, and as he always assured me, he had …

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Happy Anniversary to Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd!


On Friday, November 4, 1842, Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd married. Sometime around the beginning of 1841, they had broken up, for reasons that still elude historians today. Having resumed their courtship (and what brought the pair back together is equally debatable), …

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Mercy Levering Conkling: Friend of Mary Lincoln

First, let me apologize for not posting here for such a long time. I do have a good excuse: we have spent the last few months preparing our house for sale, putting the house on the market, selling it, and …

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Researching Jasper: A Guest Post by Tony Riches


I’m delighted to be hosting Tony Riches, author of Jasper: Book Two of the Tudor Trilogy, a novel about one of my favorite people, Jasper Tudor! Over to Tony: Researching JASPER – Book Two of The Tudor Trilogy, by Tony …

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Gambling on a Name: Guest Post by Sean Cunningham


I’m delighted to have historian Sean Cunningham doing a guest post today in connection with his new biography, Prince Arthur: The Tudor King Who Never Was. Welcome! Gambling on a Name? Prince Arthur, Legend and the Survival of the Tudor …

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Louis Weichmann: Boarder and Witness


Of the residents of Mary Surratt’s boardinghouse, the best known–and the most controversial–is Louis Weichmann, whose testimony would help send his landlady to the gallows. Weichmann was born in Baltimore in 1842. His father, a tailor, moved to Washington and …

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On the Trail of the Yorks: Excerpt from Kristie Dean’s New Book


I’m delighted to be hosting my friend Kristie Dean on her blog tour for her latest book, On the Trail of the Yorks! Today is the anniversary of the death of Anne Neville, future queen of Richard III, and Kristie …

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