what does Mary Boleyn look like today In all honesty, probably not very good. why they thought anne boleyn was a witch for kids To be followed by “Why They Thought Anne Boleyn was an Adulteress for Kids.” google It …

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I’m trying to imagine why anyone would address a letter to Henry VII,... more
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Thank you so much! I’ve really missed these when you haven’t posted... more

Last night, after a great deal of cutting and pasting of HTML, I managed to create a spot on my website’s menu bar for Hanging Mary–along with excerpts! Check them out here. I’ll be adding a “Further Reading” link for …

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(In an attempt to streamline my website and avoid duplication, I am going to be deleting some pages from my website and posting them on my blog instead. Here’s an article on my website that appeared some time ago.) Anne, …

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I have always thought Anne of Exeter’s life along with those of her... more

I  just hit “send” on the completed manuscript of my Mary Surratt novel, Hanging Mary. There will be a few tweaks to come, no doubt, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. (The characters would not echo my sentiments.) …

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Thanks, Kendall! Never heard of Priscilla before (and far as I know she’s... more
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Loved the excerpt. I look forward to reading the full book when it comes out. I... more

Guest Post by Kathryn Warner: Edward II and the Despensers


I’m so pleased to welcome my friend Kathryn Warner for her new biography of Edward II. I’ve been looking forward to a book like this for years, and what better person than Kathryn to write it? Kathryn and I first …


Watch This Space!


Yes, things have been mighty quiet here, but for a very good reason: I am almost finished with my new novel, Hanging Mary (the official title). It’s the story of Mary Surratt, the first woman hanged by the United States …


Hand of Fire Blog Tour: A Guest Post by Judith Starkston


I’m pleased to be a part of Judith Starkston’s blog tour for her first novel, Hand of Fire. While this isn’t a period I’m well versed in, this guest post made me eager to learn more about it, and I …


Guest Post by Debra Bayani: The Supposed Daughters of an Earl


I’m pleased to be part of a blog tour for Debra Bayani, author of a new biography: Jasper Tudor: Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty! Jasper Tudor has always intrigued me, and I’m eager to learn more about him. Here’s Debra! …


Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset, Elizabeth Woodville’s Oldest Son


This is a repost of a guest post I did last year for the excellent Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide. Speaking of guest posts, look for one here soon by Debra al-Bayani about one of my favorite Tudors, Jasper!  Stepson to …


Twelve Tips for Winning an Online History Argument


Let’s face it, history discussions on Facebook (and other social media) can be rough. But there’s really no need to stress, because here are twelve handy lines for you to whip out whenever you’re on the verge of losing a …